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Skills Acquired

  1. Fundamental of computer
  2. Data Entry
  3. Basic Hardware & Software concept
  4. Developing of program using C & C⁺⁺ programming language
  5. Ms- Office
  6. Presentation & Graphic package
  7. Use of Tally
  8. Use of Foxpro
  9. Basic Concept of Networking
  10. Internet Browsing & E-mail
  11. Multimedia concepts
  12. Use and Maintenance of PC & other related equipments
  13. Awareness of IT Act 2000.
  14. Work culture, Personality development, Communication skills & other useful soft skills.

Employment Option

  1. Assistant Programmer in software development firms.
  2. Faculty member or Lab assistant in Computer Institutes or Schools.
  3. Internet operator in Cyber café.
  4. Computer operator in Industry, Offices etc.
  5. Assistant to Service Engineer
  6. Sales person in Hardware & Software firms. 7. DTP operator

Self-employment Option

  1. Starting a Computer Institute,
  2. Cyber café & DTP centre.
  3. Starting a Computer consumable shop.
  4. Take up data processing jobs.

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